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Sugar and Spice - Wax Melt

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Take one deep breath and be transported into a bakery that is pulling freshly baked goodies from their ovens.  The aroma of freshly churned butter, sweet sugar, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves will smell exactly like your favorite desserts without all of the mess.  This product is great if you want your room to smell like you have slaved away all day in the oven!

  • Top Notes:  Butter and sugar
  • Middle Notes:  Clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon
  • Bottom Notes:  Tonka and vanilla

Wax Melts are packaged within clamshell containers and include 2.70 oz of 100% soy wax.

Wax Melts are to be used on a tea light warmer or UL electric warmer approved for wax melts.