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Posted by Jessica James on

Hello and welcome to Smoky Valley Candle Company!

We cannot express enough how happy we are that you stopped by our store and viewed our products.  At Smoky Valley Candle Company we specialize in soy wax products including wax melts and candles.  Our motto that we stand by is to "create relaxing moments one pour at a time."

In an industry where there are so many options to pick it can easily become overwhelming on what to buy and from who to purchase.  Our business methodology is simple!  We strive to ensure that each product is made from materials as environmentally friendly as possible that creates a better environment for our world, your home, and all families.

We believe that everyone deserves a small sliver of happiness and relaxation each and every day to wind down from a life that can become stressful at any moment.  One of the simplest methods to achieving relaxation is to light a candle and engage in your favorite activity whether that is reading a good book, watching your favorite television show, or simply curling up with a blanket and your mobile device.  The sky is the limit once you light that candle and become surrounded by the aroma of your favorite scents.  

If you don't see something that you like please do not hesitate to shoot us a message through the Message Us link on top of your page.  We would love to receive feedback on products or fragrances that you are looking for.  If you don't see any of those items now don't worry!  Smoky Valley Candle Company is always adding to it's selection and continuing to grow.


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